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Salem real estate comes in a variety of forms. You’ll find single-family homes, townhouses, commercial property and vacant land, just to name a few. The entire area, however, has a very colorful history that began with the Kalapuya tribe who called the area Chemeketa, meaning ‘meeting or resting place.’ But how did the city get its name of Salem?

Salem Real Estate and the History of Salem, Oregon

The first documented ‘owners’ of Salem real estate were the Europeans. It’s believed by some that one of the European settlers, a town trustee named David Leslie who came from Salem, Massachusetts, named the town Salem based on his former residence.

There are others who believe Salem got its name because of its Semitic translation, which means ‘peace’ in Arabic and Hebrew. Salem is also believed to be the original name of Jerusalem. Since many of the first European settlers were Methodists and missionaries this theory also holds merit. Regardless of how the area got its name though, Salem real estate today remains ever popular.

Salem Real Estate Agents: David and Dewey Whitton

Come see us, David and Dewey Whitton, if you’re looking for Salem real estate. Whether it’s downtown or the surrounding suburbs, we’ll be happy to show you everything in the fine city that meets your budget and requirements. A few moments of your time is all we need to search for Salem real estate that fits you. Just contact us today to get started.

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