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Many people search for Salem, Oregon homes for sale because Salem is the state capital, which usually equals larger employment opportunities. But the area isn’t only about jobs. You’ll find that the city has a hometown feel thanks to a multitude of farmer markets and bazaars. Many of the markets are open May through October, but you can find year round ones too. So if you decide you’ll be buying one of the Salem, Oregon homes for sale you never be too far from shopping and fun activities.

Salem, Oregon Homes for Sale: Perfect for Market Lovers

For those who love farmers markets, Salem has quite a few offerings. There is the Salem Saturday Market near the capital that’s open from late spring to early fall. There you can find local products like crafts, baked goods, vegetables and meat. You can also find the Wednesday Farmer’s Market located downtown in Courthouse Square during the summer. But if you love going to market year-round there is the indoor Saturday public market that’s open continuously, except for major holidays.

The Agents For Salem, Oregon Homes For Sale: David and Dewey Whitton

If you’ve been considering purchasing one of the Salem, Oregon homes for sale you’re not alone. This area continues to be one of the most popular places in the Northwest. We would love to show you what makes this city so special and help you find the perfect home. Simply contact us, David and Dewey Whitton, by phone or e-mail today.

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