Tips For Timely Repair And Maintenance Of Your Salem Oregon Home

Posted By David Whitton @ Oct 4th 2011 7:20pm In: Salem Oregon Home Ownership

Yes, summer--and vacations--are over, and now it’s time to turn your attention to home repairs, both big and small, especially those you’ve been putting off. Because of the economic recession, many owners of Salem Oregon homes must prioritize their “fix it” list in terms of importance and affordability. The following tips are designed to help make such decisions a bit easier.

toolsDeal with these items without delay:

        1. Presences of unwanted water. Be aware of anything that can lead to extensive and expensive water damage. BEWARE!! Water damage can occur quickly and come from a number of sources. Check your Salem Oregon home for blocked sump pumps, leaky toilets and faucets, condensation-filled windows, deteriorating doors, and aging roofs. Look also at your gutters and downspouts and check for leaks under sinks.

        2. Sewage system. Listen for signs, such as gurgling, of a malfunctioning sewer system or septic tank.

        3. Electrical system. Overcrowded electrical systems present tremendous fire hazards. Adding outlets to alleviate overtaxing your system costs about $100 per outlet but will ensure safety and provide priceless peace of mind. If the wiring system in your Salem Oregon home is antiquated, updating it to match code, while expensive, is also crucial for your family’s safety.

        4. Smoke detectors. Are yours older than 7 years, improperly working, needing a battery, or nonexistent? If so, replace them NOW!

        5. Foundation. This should be an area which you carefully examine on a regular basis. Look for cracks or shifting blocks/bricks in the exterior foundation, basement floors, and fireplace walls. Water standing near the house, and doors and windows which don’t open and close correctly can also indicate foundation problems, as can popping nails in wallboard, uneven floors, and moisture in the crawl space.

Some easy-to-do and inexpensive maintenance jobs include keeping gutters clean, check AC unit yearly and replacing filters regularly, cleaning debris from outside condensers/heat pump, and re-caulking and/or replacing weathering stripping on exterior doors and windows.

As the old adage “A stitch in time saves nine” advises, taking preventive or timely measures could save you thousands of dollars and endless woes. Remember, too, that should you decide to sell your Salem Oregon home, a well-maintained and problem-free house is definitely appealing to potential buyers!

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