Tips For Maintaining The Appliances In Your Salem Oregon Home

Posted By David Whitton @ May 15th 2011 11:05am In: Salem Oregon Home Ownership

The average homeowner has thousands of dollars invested in major appliances, so it makes good sense to operate and maintain them properly to protect your investment and ensure that they will provide many years of trouble-free service. As an added bonus, proper maintenance and use almost always results in a decreased consumption of electricity/gas in you Salem Oregon home.

The following suggestions are helpful tips in appliance care:


  • Clean cooling coils which are located at floor level with a coil brush once or twice a year.
  • Clean interior shelves and gaskets every three months
  • Keep the temperature at 37 degrees
  • Check to see if the door(s) is sealing properly. If it won't hold a dollar bill in place, it isn't.
  • Vacuum underneath and behind the unit every year or two.


  • Regularly check the filter and clean the inside of the unit.
  • Occasionally run an empty cycle to clear inner workings and hoses. Other, run only with a full load.
  • Run the garbage disposal in your Salem Oregon home before running the dishwasher.
  • Let dishes air dry whenever possible.
  • Make certain that the dishes do not obstruct the rotating arm sprays.
  • Recoat rust spots with a rubber-like fluid found in hardware stores. In addition, replace broken rollers and insert replacement tips on damages vertical prongs.
  • Reopen clogged holes in spray arms with hot vinegar and a safety pin.


  • Check resiliency of older rubber hoses and replace with metal ones if necessary.
  • Add detergent before you load the washer.
  • Make sure there is a clear path from the unit to the floor drain.


  • Clean lint trap after each load.
  • Use a dry paint brush to clean lint from corners and cracks in the unit's interior annually.
  • Disconnect and thoroughly clean the duct pipe every three to five years.
  • Once a year clean the outside of the exhaust tubing.


  • Keep reflector bowls clean at all times.
  •  Test the seals on the oven door with the dollar bill trick mentioned above.
  • Periodically check the exhaust fan in your Salem Oregon home for grease build-up.


  • Run the disposal for 30 seconds with each use.
  • Always run cold water when using the disposal to maintain the integrity of the blades and coagulate any grease (thus making it easier to chop)
  • Continue to run water for a while after the unit is shut off.
  •   Put larger amounts of food into the garbage rather than down the drain.
  • Occasionally add vinegar or citrus peels to deodorize and prevent buildup of food particles.

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