Repair Or Replace? Tips For A Salem Oregon Homeowner

Posted By David Whitton @ Dec 29th 2011 11:45am In: Salem Oregon Home Ownership

If you’re like thousands of Americans, December has been a month of entertaining friends, hosting family gatherings, and the giving and receiving of presents.  And like many of those thousands, you may have experienced an unwelcome gift from one of the much-used appliances in your Salem Oregon home when it ceases to work correctly—or even at all.  And so comes the need to choose either repairing the malfunctioning item or replacing the item.  Although the cost of each option is most likely the first thing you think of, there are other factors, such as age, energy, and technology that you should consider as you make your decision.

dollar signCOST: 

  • The 50% rule:  Generally speaking, if a repair is estimated to cost 50% or less than the replacement value, it is usually better to have it repaired.


  • Check the average life expectancy of the appliance to determine if it still has enough service years in it to justify the repair.
  • Be aware that old parts may be unavailable.  Check this site to locate those that are out-of-date or difficult to find—and instructions for installation.
  • Consumer Reports suggests that if your appliance is eight or more years old, it usually it makes sense to buy a new one for your Salem Oregon home.


  • An important consideration is energy-efficiency.  Energy Star-rated produced after 2001, e.g., use 40 percent less energy than those manufactured before that date, and that might have a bearing on your decision.
  • If big-ticket items such as heating and cooling equipment in your Salem Oregon home need frequent repairs and your energy bills are going up, it may be time to replace them with energy-efficient systems.
  • Check out the ENERGY STAR website for product information.


  • It so often happens that soon after you purchase an appliance, a newer, more advanced model with desirable features comes on the market.  If the item you’re considering repairing or replacing falls into this category, it may be worth your while to invest in the improved appliance rather than repair the old one.
  • Experts seem to agree that it is probably wiser to replace electronics than to repair them.  But don’t throw the old ones away; recycle them!  Don’t know just how to do that?  Greener Gadgets can help you.

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