Household Myths That May Be Costing You Money

Posted By David Whitton @ Apr 16th 2011 10:43am In: Salem Oregon Home Ownership

Part I

Far too many consumers hold beliefs, supposedly based on conventional wisdom, that simply are not true and may actually be costing them money. So, it's time to debunk these theories and set the record straight!


1. You must rinse dirty dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

Your dishes won't get any cleaner, according to tests by Consumer Reports. Just scrape off excess food into the trash or garbage disposal. Another reason not to pre-rinse is that by doing so, the detergent doesn't have any grease or grime to stick to, so detergents attack dishes instead, making them appear cloudy, scratched or etched, according to the Whirlpool Institute of Kitchen Science. Rinsing in the sink wastes both water and energy because you're probably using heated water to do so.Questions

2. Ceiling fans help cool a room.

Ceiling fans don't actually cool the air in your Salem Oregon home. They create a wind chill that keeps skin cool, so don't bother using a fan in an empty room, says the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Star program. Using fans is a cheaper way to keep you cool only if it allows you to use less air conditioning.

3. More coils means a better mattress;

A queen-size mattress with at least 390 coils has plenty, says Consumer Reports. Even mattress companies say the most important buying tip is to actually lie on the mattress to determine if it's comfortable.

4. Store batteries in the freezer to prolong their life.

Not required or recommended for batteries produced today. In fact, humidity from cold temperature storage can harm batteries. To maximize performance and shelf life, store batteries at normal room temperatures with moderate humidity levels.

5. Freshen your garbage disposal with lemons.

No! Citric acid from lemons will corrode the metal inside the disposal in your Salem Oregon home.

6. In-tank cleaners for toilets are fast, easy, and efficient.

Fast? Yes. Easy? Yes. Not efficient, however. They don't get completely rid of buildup which can ruin the toilet. It's better to pour vinegar down the overflow tube of the toilet in your Salem Oregon home. It's more efficient and much cheaper!

7. It's better to keep the AC on all day than to try to cool down a hot house at the end of the day.

No! Cooling a hot house uses less energy than leaving the AC on all day, even at a high setting.

8. Turning a computer back on uses a great deal of electricity.

No again. There is no meaningful power surge when you turn on a computer. Turning it off when you're not using it always saves energy!

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