Easy and Inexpensive Ideas To Liven Your Salem Oregon Home

Posted By David Whitton @ Oct 26th 2011 1:13pm In: Selling Salem Oregon Real Estate

Thinking of staging your Salem Oregon home for resale or just weary of the same old décor? Adding splashes of color, varying textures, and including patterns are quick and relatively inexpensive ways to impress potential buyers or spruce up your surroundings for your own enjoyment


Selection: First decide what colors you really like and what you want the color to do. Consider, too, your lifestyle, the room’s structure, and your lighting. Using a color wheel and understanding the qualities of different colors can be a helpful tool here. In vogue this year are earth-toned colors combined with the global colors of bright green, purple, orange, and turquoise. Want a dramatic effect? Contrasting colors--also called complementary because they are opposite each other on the color wheel (e.g. green/brown or orange/blue)--definitely create a mood and enliven a room. Even monochromatic color schemes which feature various shades of the same color can be refreshed by using complementary colors for contrast and visual punch. Remember that warm colors (those based on yellow, red, and orange) tend to “advance,” while cool colors (based on blue, violet, green) recede.

Changing wall color: As an alternative to repainting, you might want to try color washing.  Choose a color that blends well with your existing wall color. Staying in the same family…select a lighter shade to soften the walls or a darker hue to make them more vibrant. You “wash” the walls by 1. mixing your paint 50-50 with latex glaze 2. dipping a cloth into the mixture and 3. applying a small amount to the walls using a “washing” motion.

Accessorize: Look around the room for an item comprised of multiple colors--a sofa, carpet, drapes, or a piece of art are excellent sources. From that item select three colors you can repeat throughout the room--and you can do that in so many ways! Think about pillows, pictures, flowers and plants, objects d’art, and throws in the living room; candles and towels in the baths; canisters, pottery, and hanging plates in the kitchen; placemats and napkins in the dining room; and area/scatter rugs in any room in your Salem Oregon home.


As you find colorful accessories, keep an eye out for textural touches you can add. Photographs and oils? Sheers and woven drapes? Translucent or bamboo shades? Silk or chintz? Window treatments allow you to introduce both color and texture. You might also think about the texture of rugs and pillows to add interest.


One currently hot trend in home decorating is the use of varied patterns. Different patterns which share predominate colors work well, as does the combination of two or more geometric shapes, such as stripes and checks. Large patterns are best suited for big expanses (sofa, draperies, room-sized carpet), and smaller ones show look best in throw pillows, valances, or area rugs.

As with all decorating ideas, use of color, texture, and patterns can be overdone, so you might want to proceed slowly if you’re not confident in your decorating talent. After adding a new find, give yourself time to assess its impact and the way light affects it at different times of the day.

Know, too, that there really are no hard and fast rules you must follow in creating an attractive and inviting environment in your Salem Oregon home. Select what pleases you most and enjoy the experience of experimenting with color, texture, and patterns.

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