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Talk about the inverted yield curve and aging Baby Boomers has the market a little uncertain as to what to expect in the future. Experts have been predicting a market slowdown—not a crash--in 2020 for a while, due in part to the fact that aging Boomers put off downsizing and chose to age in place. Well it’s not up to them anymore, and that means much more real estate will be coming on the market, and this after Millennials already committed in one of the fastest housing price runs in recent memory. Keep in mind, however, that real estate is local, and although larger market forces drive the big machinery, things could play out very differently on the ground in Oregon.


Is the Market Trying to Tell Us Something?

The US market for commercial real estate flashed a warning sign in the first half of 2019. For the first time in seven years, foreign investors sold more real estate than they bought. 


Opportunity Zones Offer Tax Breaks, but are They Improving Anything for Residents?

While the Opportunity Zone program is designed to redirect capital toward these underprivileged neighborhoods, some argue that the program doesn’t increase overall real estate investment, but merely redirects where it goes.


Real Estate Site to Publish All Real Estate Commissions

Starting at the end of August, all homes listed by a Redfin agent will clearly detail how much a buyer’s agent will make on the home sale.


Read This Before You Buy a Tiny House in Oregon 

A jurisdictional gap between two Oregon state agencies is holding up sales of a certain type of tiny houses, leaving sellers and buyers in the lurch. The impasse has left homeowners stuck with the tiny houses they’re trying to sell and would-be homebuyers unable to move in.


What U.S. Markets are Cooling? 

Some real estate markets are over-priced—are they bubbles waiting to burst? Some boast strong demand, reflected in high home price increases—will they soon become over-priced?


Ritz to Break Portland Price Records

In a tale that’s uniquely Portland, a beloved food cart park was razed to make way for the Ritz, which is set to break new price records for real estate in the area.  


West Coast Sales Lagging

The number of price cuts to homes jumped by a whopping 275.9 percent year-over-year in San Jose, by far the highest in the country. Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, and Salem, Oregon, also saw price cuts jump by triple-digit percentages.