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It’s almost like the 2020 recession has had its own PR campaign. We’ve been hearing about it since 2017 at least, and lately everything you read about the real estate market has it just baked in. And with interest rates coming down again, it’s starting to seem like more of an eventuality than a possibility. This month’s real estate news is filled with some familiar words: Bubble. Slowdown. Hipsters. (We are in Oregon, after all.)

 But don’t let it scare you. A slowdown is just that: slow and predictable. The market hates uncertainty, so even if we really are facing a slowdown, the very fact that we knew it was coming will make it less so. 

 Read on to find out more about what the experts are saying, how to tell when it’s the right time to sell, and which home trend we think will be the “shag carpet” of the 2010’s.


These 7 Cities are at the Highest Risk for a Bubble

The Swiss bank UBS published its 2019 Global Real Estate Bubble Index on Monday, identifying which cities around the world are fairly valued and which are facing the greatest risk of a real-estate bubble.  


How to Tell When it’s the Right Time to Sell

We've all made decisions out of necessity, desperation, based on a feeling or even after forming a well-thought-out plan—but knowing if that decision will be the right one or the most beneficial one can be tricky when it comes to real estate.


Are the New Rent Regulations Eroding Apartment Values?

Multifamily properties in states where lawmakers this year have passed tougher restrictions on rent growth are seeing their value erode as investors demand higher returns for the risk of owning the apartments.


Oregon’s Most Extreme Beach Houses 

Tuck away the idea of a quaint beach cottage. Plenty of Oregon's oceanfront abodes for sale are as high-end as they are high priced. Can you guess which of Oregon’s beaches is the most expensive?  


The 10 Real Estate Trends that will Shape 2020

A market as large and dynamic as United States real estate rarely moves quickly. But the most striking narrative running throughout the annual Emerging Trends report from the Urban Land Institute is the sense of static and stasis. There may be fewer sudden moves than a decade ago, but that doesn’t mean some of the trends emerging this year won’t become breakout investments in the near future. rarely


Interior Design Features that Have Worn Out their Welcome

Shag Carpet. Wallpaper borders. Glass blocks. What home trends will be the “ugh” of this decade? You probably have four of them in your home right now. Find out before you sell. 


What’s Hipsturbia? 

The trend started in “Brooklyn and has spread to secondary cities. Fun and cool places can be created. It’s where real estate meets people, interests and amenities,” Price Waterhouse Cooper’s Real Estate Leader Byron Carlock told Forbes Magazine. And thus, Hipsturbia.