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It’s been a busy month, and the official selling season hasn’t even begun! This month, we take a look at what effect Oregon’s new rent control measures and the 2017 tax overhaul have had on the market as home prices in Portland slow down to the slowest price gains in the past seven years. Plus, how tech is impacting the real estate industry—the signs are everywhere, from the increasing stakes in warehouse and office space from companies like Amazon and Google, to new apps and services that are replacing real estate agents completely.

Did the tax overhaul slow down the housing market?

A new report from the New York Federal Reserve sheds light on a question that’s been hanging over the American real estate market: Did the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act adopted by Congress in late 2017 had any effect on whether consumers want to buy or sell homes?

Will Oregon’s new rent control laws make housing less affordable?

Just about every state surrounding Oregon has more expensive housing, but the Oregon legislature was hoping to slow the price of housing even more in our state by passing a rent-control bill. But will it work?

Is Tech driving the real estate market?

There’s a new force driving much of the health of the real estate market, especially for the commercial markets, and that’s tech. But Tech is prone to bubbles, so what happens when one of the giants fall?  

This 61-bedroom manor could be yours for a cool $9mil

A colossal Tudor-style complex in Portland just hit the market for $8.79 million. When you do the math, purchasing this one-of-a-kind property is kind of like buying 26 single-family homes for roughly $346,000 a pop. What a steal!

Portland median home price falls for the first time in more than 7 years

Aggressive real estate price increases that Portland residents have just become used to are no longer the norm. So what does that mean for other markets around Oregon?

Oregon FBI warns about real estate scams

Reverse-mortgage scams are on the rise, and thieves are targeting the elderly population in Oregon. Scams generally focus around reverse mortgages, rent-to-own, or cash in exchange for being a straw buyer.   


Are real estate agents disappearing?

The transformations are already apparent in the digital business models pioneered by the likes of Opendoor, Zillow Offers, and RedfinNow. Not to be left behind, a few traditional real estate companies are already changing the role of real estate agents.