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This spring we are getting ready to kick off the selling season. It’s getting off to a good start, with interest rates down, builder confidence up, and millennials finally ready to buy. But some other factors may affect how the season shapes up--read on to find out why that is.


Tax Time is Nearing! Do You get a Write-off?

Previous tax law doesn't have a clear definition of what constitutes a "trade or business," and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) did not make a distinction between active and passive investors when it comes to the qualified business income (QBI) deduction, and this year that’s becoming a real problem for those trying to file. 


Oregon to OK Rent Control

Faced with a housing shortage and skyrocketing rents, Oregon is poised to become the first state to impose mandatory rent controls, with a measure establishing tenant protections moving swiftly through the Legislature.


Millennials are Entering the Housing Market

It’s long been projected that Millennials would dominate the housing market in upcoming years. Now, new data from reveals that it's finally happening. Millennials are buying houses.


Some Oregon Neighborhoods May Avoid Single-Family Zoning Ban

House Bill 2001, sponsored by House Speaker Tina Kotek, D-Portland, would allow the higher-density plexes and “cottage clusters” on any single-family lot in cities with 10,000 or more residents. But property-deed restrictions may derail the plan in older neighborhoods.

Lower Interest Rates are Boosting Housing Market Confidence

Homebuilders are gaining confidence in the housing market’s short-term future as interest rates stay low and buyer traffic rises.

HGTV Home-Makeover Monopoly Ending

HGTV has long been the home-makeover TV giant since the 90s, but CNBC is poised to challenge their hold on the market by introducing four new home-makeover themed shows this fall.  

Housing Demand Up, But Will it Last?

Buyers are ready to buy, thanks in part to a temporary drop in interest rates along with a larger share of homes with price cuts hitting the market in January. But will it last?