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Housing affordability has long been an issue in Oregon, and this month we look at a few ways it’s impacting life and the housing market in Oregon, including new legislation passed last month that has the entire country taking notice, as well as how housing affordability is impacting residents of mobile home parks around the state. Plus, why interest rates may be going down despite the strong economy, and find out where Oregon rates in the top 20 fastest growing states in the past 50 years.


Interest Rates Prime for a Cut?

For most people, a drop in interest rates is the signal of an attempt to strengthen the economy. But the numbers are strong, so why is the Fed getting ready to drop rates, and what does it mean for homebuyers and homeowners who may be looking to refinance?   


Oregon Makes Top 20 List of Fastest-Growing States

We’ve come a long way from “Come visit, but don’t move here.” Oregon ranks number 16 on the top 20 fastest growing states over the past 50 years. Analysts say the increase in population has largely been driven by a booming tech industry. 


“We won’t be San Francisco”

A fear of the continuing housing affordability crisis spurs Oregon lawmakers to pass huge change in an effort to avoid the fate of California cities like San Francisco and L.A. Changes include rent control measures, single-family zoning changes and more.


Why Mobile Home Parks are Disappearing in Oregon  

One of the last bastions of affordable housing in Oregon—the mobile home park—is quietly usurped. But where are the residents going to go? The problem is part of a national conversation how to save one of the most prevalent forms of unsubsidized affordable housing.


Zillow App Can now “See” Amenities and Adjust Estimates  

Real estate websites have long been able to provide home price estimates for homeowners based on location and comps, but not for specific homes based on amenities that every agent knows will raise the price, like hardwood floors, granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances. But AI and smart new tech is taking the Zestimate up a notch.  


Can You Still Make Money Flipping? 

While fewer Americans are buying homes these days, more of us than ever believe we should be. The portion of people who say real estate is the ultimate 

investment--better than stocks, bonds or gold--has hit a new high.


Foreign Buyers Fleeing the U.S. Housing Market 

Challenging conditions in the U.S. housing market, along with tighter currency controls by the Chinese government, caused a stunning drop in foreign demand for American homes.