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The government shutdown is affecting much, much more than just government employees and airport security, and right now we are getting a good, hard look at how much the Federal Government impacts the housing and rental markets. As the shutdown continues, Federal benefits are running out for those on housing assistance, affecting many renters who are seniors or on disability. Additionally, some home sales are screeching to a halt due to federal loans, grants, and down payment assistance not being available.


KB Home Introduces Smart House at CES

KB Homes says they’ve invented the ultimate smart house, which they unveiled at CES this year. The features are insane. But is this much tech in one home convenient or just creepy?


Is Oregon Moving Toward Rent Control?

With a democratic supermajority in the Capitol this term, some politicians think the time is right to address proposed rent control measures for areas where costs are spiraling out of reach for most tenants.


Renters Impacted by Shutdown

As government benefits run out, some renters may find themselves without low-income housing vouchers as soon as next month if the government shutdown doesn’t end soon. This includes families with small children, seniors, and people on disability.


Is 2019 the Year Millennials Finally Buy?

Millennials have been kept out of the housing market by a number of factors, from student debt to getting married later to the high cost of rent. But 2019 may be the year that all changes.

Rigorous Real Estate Deal Reviews Coming to Oregon

FinCen has been slowly expanding the program it uses to compel reviews of cash real estate purchases it believes contributes to money laundering. Now, real estate deals in the Pacific Northwest may come under the microscope.

Mortgages Halted During Government Shutdown

You can now add homebuyers and mortgage lenders to the list of those affected by the government shutdown. For those who are using any kind of federal loans, grants, or down payment assistance, the government shutdown is halting real estate deals until the folks in Washington can reach an agreement.

What is “Surban”? The Newest Housing Market

It’s not suburb life, it’s not city life. It’s surban life. Find out what “surban” life is and what makes it so sought-after among today’s homebuyers.