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Although buying a new home may be a happy time in your life, if you do not do your due diligence in a few areas of home buying you may find yourself a bit frightened by the outcome.  Below is a list of a few frightening home buying regrets you should try to avoid at all costs. 

  1. One of the number one regrets of folks who are in the market for a new home is putting off house hunting until the last minute.  If your family has already gotten too big for your current house you may cause yourself undue stress by not starting your new home search as quickly as possible.  Also if you have already sold your home but you still haven’t quite found the home of your dreams you may be in for a bit of stress trying to move out quickly at the last minute. 

  2. Another frightening home buying regret to avoid is not paying attention to the schools that border your new home. Even if you don’t have children yet you need to pay attention to the school systems in your new area before you purchase.   You may not think you are going to live in the new home long enough for it to affect your future children but you just never know where life may take you and you don’t want to end up sending your children to a less than stellar school system. 

  3. Buying too much of a house for your budget is another big issue that can become very frightening to you and your loved ones. The first month in a new home is typically pretty peaceful but once the mortgage bill comes around and its more than you can handle, it isn’t so pretty anymore.  Figure out your budget before you go house hunting and do your best not to go beyond that budget and you should be fine. 

  4. If there are things in the house you plan to buy that you do not like the looks of, do not figure you will just fix them once you move in, make a few demands of the seller and see what you can get before you have to throw a ton of money on top of the purchase price to make repairs. You don’t know what the seller might be willing to do unless you ask. 

Dewey and Dave Whitton are Salem’s Relocation Experts and understand that moving is both an exciting and stressful process. That’s why they do everything in their power not only to help you find the perfect home but also make you feel right at home.

Dewey and Dave assist buyers looking for Salem Oregon real estate for sale and aggressively market Salem Oregon homes for sale.